Praise for The Zen Watch bracelet

"It changed my life and now i only live in the 'NOW!' It is incredibly useful and a real fashion statement - I have every color to coordinate with my outfits. The Zen Watch bracelet reminds me how important each moment is - it keeps me grounded in the present. I love my Zen Watch bracelet because it is a great conversation piece and gets people talking about being in the moment. Living in the moment is something we all want, but anxiety, fear and worry block the way - my Zen Watch bracelet changes all that!"

- Annie Schlafly, Not-for-Profit Strategist

"Here's the thing about the Zen Watch bracelet. It grounds me. I'm a really busy person and have a million balls in the air at once. When I'm panicked about my schedule or possibly running late for a meeting or worrying about how I'm going to get everything done in time, I look at my  wrist and expect that i will get the correct time. With my new Zen Watch bracelet, I look and see that it's NOW. That IS the correct time. And I'm able to breathe. Just that tiny reminder helps me to stay in the moment."

- Nancy Linehan Charles, Actress, Director

"I bought several Zen Watch bracelets for my nieces. They came in very attractive boxes, ready for Christmas. The girls loved them!

- Doting Uncle, St. Louis, MO

"I gave one to my boss at work. I chose black to help him to ward off negativity. I think it's working!"

- Ben Smylie, Businessman

"My Tiger Eye stone is beautiful and I love putting on my Zen Watch bracelet. The healing qualities of good luck and protection bring me great peace of mind and help me get through some of the tougher days. When playing with my son, my Zen Watch Bracelet is an awesome reminder that it doesn't matter what time it is - we are living in the 'Now'!"

- Julia Lilly, Mom & Strategic Consultant

"I was delighted by the watches. They are beautiful. Before I received them, I was wondering where I would find boxes for them, so I was particularly thrilled to see how beautifully they were presented, in golden boxes….even with tissue paper that matched the color of each watch. Very classy. I bought 12 of them for gifts and each person I gave one to had the same reaction: 'how beautiful,' 'how clever,' 'I will wear it everyday to remind me to stay in the now.' I couldn't be happier with this product."

- Jean Brincko, Master Career Counselor